Get ready to expand your horizons because D-ID’s Creative Realityβ„’ Studio now speaks your language – literally! Introducing our new and improved Multilingual Capabilities, powered by ElevenLabs voices. 🎀🌐

What's New?

Pro, Advanced and Enterprise studio users, as well as our API users, can dive into a world of possibilities with high-quality, super realistic voices in 26 additional languages alongside English. That's right, our range just got wider, and your content is about to get a whole lot more global! 🌏

Here's How You Can Explore:

Create a new video and head over to voice settings.

Select from an array of languages offered by ElevenLabs highlighted with a β€œpro” label.

Type your script, hit the 'listen' icon, and witness the magic. ✨

We know that for businesses, it's all about connecting and engaging with a wider audience. With these new multilingual capabilities, your potential just got a global passport. 🎟️🌍